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Keith Bell ~ Appraiser / Consultant
Designated Reserve Planner (DRP)
Designated Appraiser, Residential (DAR)
Why Obtain an Insurance Appraisal?
A Replacement Cost New insurance appraisal is an important document for a homeowner, insurance company, or property manager.

A Replacement Cost New insurance appraisal provides an estimate to replace the subject property improvements and site improvements in the event of a partial or catastrophic loss.

A Replacement Cost New insurance appraisal helps homeowners, strata managers, and insurance companies ensure that there is sufficient insurance covering the subject property.

A Replacement Cost New insurance appraisal considers the following:
  • The Structure - Including foundations, frame, exterior and roof components, interior finishes (and the quality thereof), built-in components, custom features...
  • Site Improvements - Including paving, hard landscaping, detached outbuildings, decks, fencing...
  • Demolition and Debris Removal Costs
  • An allowance to consider local building and economic conditions

A Replacement Cost New insurance appraisal also includes a narrative description of the subject property including interior layout, features, and built-in components. It includes photographs of the subject and all improvements as well as proximity to local fire services.

Bell Appraisals has completed thousands of Replacement Cost New insurance appraisals and has the experience and knowledge required to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report.

We offer free on-site quotes (if required), excellent client service, fast turn-around, and superior fee structure.

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